What happens if 2 teams get the same score?

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The use of Cryptonite NFTs gives an immense number of combinations of possible teams. Each NFT is unique, and with its unique attributes (rarity and level number) give a large number of possible teams that can be created (and hence, final scores). Along with this, each player will also assign 2 power ups to his selected team of 5 Cryptonites. This further increases the possible team combinations.

In the highly unlikely event that 2 teams are exactly the same - 5 Cryptonites of the same clan, with the same Rarities, Level numbers and Power ups assigned to the exact same cryptonites, a tie-breaker clause would be used to determine the rank.

The tie-breaker clause will be the team submission time. The player who submitted the team earlier will be awarded a higher rank. The player who submitted the team earlier had lesser information about the Crypto prices at the time of submitting the team. Hence, awarded a better rank.

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